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Make user testing a habit

Continuously receive videos of real people testing your website, web app or prototype, and make it ridiculously easy to use.

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Continuous feedback

A constant stream of user feedback

Just enter your URL, write a task and get weekly videos of people using your site for the first time.

All you have to do is put aside a few minutes each week to watch the videos and keep finding and fixing your site’s usability problems.


Get confronted with reality and spot unknown issues

When was the last time you actually saw someone outside your four walls using your product for the first time? Was it helpful?

Now imagine you could experience this once per week.

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Keep the testing going

With Userbrain your whole team commits to a regular schedule for user feedback. With this exposure to real users, you’re building empathy with your audience on an ongoing basis.

Userbrain will make you an expert in understanding your users, something that can be beneficial for all teams in your company – from marketing to development.

Make user testing a routine

Ryan Hoover, Founder of ProductHunt

“This is a neat idea. The concept of recurring user testing is compelling because it automates the process and forces makers to continually get in‑depth usability feedback.”

Ryan Hoover, Founder of ProductHunt

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