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The 10 Best Customer Feedback Tools For Your Website

by Markus Pirker on July 6, 2016 –

The Best Tools to Collect Customer Feedback on Your Website

If you had a real store it would be easy for you to chat with your customers about their experience.

It’s often not that easy to gather feedback from angry, frustrated or disappointed customers on your website because an alternative offer is just a quick click away. They just leave without telling you why.

You need to find processes to capture feedback from your visitors at the right time and right place.

Here you’ll find a collection of the 10 best tools to help you gathering customer feedback on your website.

FREE PDF: Download the full list of all 10 customer feedback tools for your website including exclusive coupon codes.

#1 Mixpanel

Mixpanel - Tool to Collect and Track Customer Feedback on Your Website

Mixpanel is a more quantitative than qualitative. You can define and track key metrics or user journeys on your site and also see the actions individual people take on your site – all live. I’ve listed it nevertheless because it has a valuable feature of linking quantitative data with your existing customer data. You can also send your customers custom messages based on their behavior.

This is a great way of finding out where your website’s visitors aren’t engaging and ask them for input.

Pricing: Free up to 100.000 data points, 1000 profiles

 #2 Hellobar

Hello Bar - Tool to get Customer Feedback on Your Website

Hellobar is a quick way to display messages on your site. You can e.g. trigger a popup when your customers are about to leave and ask them for suggestions for improvement or send them to a survey.

You can further use Hellobar to:

  • Drive traffic to the location of your choice
  • Grow your newsletter list
  • Offer a tangible Bribe (e.g., eBook)
  • Maximize the conversion rate of your landing page (e.g., eliminate distractions)
  • Include a Prominent Call-to-Action

Pricing: Sign up is free, there are premium features.

#3 IdeaScale

IdeaScale - Tool to Collect and Track Customer Feedback on Your Website

Users are able to vote, share, make suggestions, and discuss feedback on IdeaScale. Whenever users vote on ideas, the one that makes the most “noise” rises to the top. Users are also able to access the feedback widget from any page on the website.

This widget makes it easy for you to reply to visitors’ opinions and make note of them using customizable tabs. It also integrates with Google Analytics.

Pricing: The price ranges from free to $99 per month.

#4 Clicktale

Clicktale - Tool to Collect and Track Customer Feedback on Your Website

With Clicktale you can collect quantitative data on how your visitors are engaging with your site. Clicktale visualizes these insights with the help of Mouse Move or Click Heatmaps.

With advanced filtering and segmentation you can identify how your most successful users are interacting with the page, and compare that with the behavior of those who don’t convert.

Use tools like Clicktale to spot potential areas of confusion on your site and follow up with qualitative testing like remote usability tests to learn more about the why behind the clicks.

Pricing: Not specified, Demo possible

#5 Olark

Olark Chat Tool to get Website Feedback

Olark will help you locate your visitors, find out what they are searching for, see what’s in their carts while they are shopping, and allow for instant feedback.

You can then chat with customers immediately in your browser.

Pricing: There is a free plan and their paid plans start at $15 per month.

#6 uservoice

UserVoice - Tool to Collect and Track Customer Feedback on Your Website

Uservoice allows you to collect customer feedback from your website, but also from your mobile apps.

You can reach out to your customers proactively by reviewing who is happy based on customer engagement data from your site.

Pricing: $45 per month and agent, 14 day trial

#7 SurveyGizmo

Survey Gizmo - Survey Software to get Customer Feedback on Your Website

Make use of Surveygizmo to collect all kinds of information from customers on your website. With it’s automated analysis tool they make it easy for you to spot patterns in your data.


  • Survey in any language, in any country
  • Surveys can be shared via email, social media, or embedded on your website.
  • Help with finding respondents
  • Use SurveyGizmo reporting suite to analyze your data or link to other analytical tools
  • Automated analysis is done for you, so it is easy to see correlations, patterns, and trends between questions.

Pricing: Plans start at $25 per month, but they also have a free plan.

#8 Survicate

Survicate - Tool to Collect and Track Customer Feedback on Your Website

Survicate takes the guesswork out of understanding what visitors expect from your site. For example, Survicate allows you to gather information about your visitors as they browse your website. They know how many items are in the visitor’s cart, how long they have been on your site, and so on.

Survicate allows you to:

  • Actively gather feedback from your website visitors even as they browse.
  • Obtain a snapshot of who your visitors are, what they need and what stops them from achieving their goals.
  • Locate Find snags in your website conversion and improve a product or communication.
  • Get instant, actionable tips on how to collect and utilize feedback on your website.

Pricing: 50 responses a month for free. Upgrade to access all features with 15-day trial.

 #9 Userbrain – User Testing Service

Userbrain - Tool to Collect and Track Customer Feedback on Your Website

Put yourself in the shoes of your website visitors and experience the eye-opening moment of someone else using your site.

With Userbrain you receive a 5 to 10 minutes long video from a random user exploring your website, speaking out loud his thoughts as she or he follows a scenario you provide.

FREE USER TEST: Enter the coupon code IWANNATRYIT during checkout and get your first user test for free. (No credit card required) Redeem now.

By keeping you in a weekly testing loop, Userbrain will help you making continuous usability testing a habit. Check out some features:

  • Short, weekly videos of people testing your website, web app or prototype
  • Test on various devices (Tablets, smartphones and desktop computers)
  • No recruiting necessary – Userbrain provides the testers
  • Doesn’t require a lot of time (take a few minutes each week to look at your videos and keep locating and fixing any of your site’s usability problems.

Pricing: Plans start at just $29 per month.


#10 Usersnap

Usersnap - Tool to Collect and Track Customer Feedback on Your Website

Usersnap will help you get things done with visual communication. This can be accomplished by taking a screenshot of what the user is doing on your site.

It allows to report bugs right in the browser so they don’t have to leave the page they’re having trouble with or fill out forms to make the report; they are tracked onsite.

Pricing: Plans start at $19 per month and they also have a 15-day free trial.

Wrap Up

Do you know of any other tools for getting feedback on your website? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Stefan Kuhl

    Dutch UI / UX designers can also use (Feedback & prototype tool) – free start


    did you see this

  • Jonathan Tobin

    Awesome article, is another awesome tool to collect visual user feedback.

  • Lili

    Good article. free tool and simple

  • Tiya Agarwal

    Wow Great post . And in fact in this niche of Feedback system . Your is one of the best post.
    I will make sure to share on IndiaBizClub & Facebook

  • Alexstunner

    Good collection of tools i am using Feedbackly for getting my customer feedback and it’s really awesome tool to use and also it give me future leads for my business plus it’s really attractive in design
    View use-case examples in the demo-store! (


    Free version for up to 50 monthly feedbacks and reasonable pricing after that as well.

  • Hi,

    I think is also a great tool to run surveys and collect feedback from website visitors.


  • Ruchi

    zipBoard would fit the suite as well. zipBoard is a visual feedback and annotation tool for websites; check out more about zipBoard at

  • Lemomoda Moda

    how can I get feedback on our website:

  • Thijmen Carelsz

    Please include Hotjar! Hotjar would cover most of the abovementioned functionalities for similar costs.

  • W K

    I don’t see Usabilla: They are one of the most used feedback solutions in the market. Focussed on Enterprise companies

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    Good Luck,

  • wow great sites i use hellobar and have notice a increase of subscribers

  • We could add SurveyMonkey and TypeForm which are great to send surveys/questions to visitors

  • When someone users search us by keywords, then i want to show my landing page with Reviews & rating. I have tried so many times to define review & rating function but unable. Can anyone help to resolve this issue. Thanks

  • Baptiste

    Hi there, I’d also recommend you to check out, the next generation feedback software.

    Feedier helps you:
    – Gather valuable feedback using a 3-step process: ratings that lets you compute an average satisfaction ratio, then you ask the relevant questions and you finally reward.
    – Engage with your users using bespoke engagement programs
    – Segment your users based on their answer
    – Analyse and get into the nitty-gritty of every feedback using our top-notch reporting tool 🧐

    It’s as simple as that, you give a heads-up about what your customers can get in return from giving a feedback, you win – they win.

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    We are, as always, happy to help and answer any question! 😁

  • Baptiste Dbv

    Great article! Nicely written.

    I’d also recommend you guys to check out – it’s a new tool focusing on the user experience, and the customer valuation. It offers rewards and engagements management, in a nifty UI.

    Worth checking out! 🙂

  • prince Faizi

    The best way for you to get valuable feedback on your site is to visit This is a free tool that will evaluate your website and tell you exactly what needs to be done to improve its “searchability”. You can also visit my website and download a white paper on how to properly list your business with the major search engines.

  • Anna Pogrebniak

    Another great tool that is missed here is Lumoa. Lumoa makes customer feedback actionable and it for you if you collect customer feedback in high volumes and multiple languages. More info at

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