Do You Agree that Product Thinking Is the Next Big Thing in UX Design?

by Tom Jager on May 2, 2018 –

UX designers often get caught up in trying to design the best possible interface or product which is both streamlined and easy to use. In addition to that, they work hard on providing users with a set of features which enables them to do things just a little bit easier. Continue reading

7 Basic UX Rules for Your Online Business

by Paul Bates on April 11, 2018 –

User experience is the overall perception and feeling that users get after interacting with a digital product. The experience that users get when interacting with e-commerce sites is very crucial since it determines whether browsing a site will end up as conversion in sales. Continue reading

11 Tips to Writing Customer Centered Content

by Alice Jones on March 28, 2018 –

11 Tips to Writing Customer Centered Content

When it comes to creating content, you’ve probably heard it a million times: “it should be customer-centered”. But what does this refer to, after all? Does it mean you have to address the customer directly? Continue reading

How Graphic Designers Can Smoothly Switch to UX Design

by Olivia Ryan on March 21, 2018 –

Header Image Blog post: How Graphic Designers Can Smoothly Switch to UX Design
Graphic design is the closest link between the public eye and design itself. This makes it one of the hottest careers at the moment, with a myriad of job opportunities. Out of those job opportunities, the most promising and highly paid design path is user experience or UX design, with a median salary of $100,000 per year for experienced designers. Continue reading

How to make usability testing a habit

by Stefan Rössler on March 18, 2018 –

Learn how to make usability testing a habit
Before we tell you how to make usability testing a habit, you might be interested in why we think this is important. Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence and Customer Engagement

by Robin Singh on March 12, 2018 –

Header Graphic of Blog Post Artificial Intelligence and Customer Engagement – The Key to Personalization and Scalability

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been well-received in every industry in the world, because of its endless potential and countless abilities. Automation software and AI can do unimaginable things for your business, and there is no saying as to where it will lead from here. Continue reading

How to Make Your Content Crystal-Clear with These UX Tips

by Gloria Kopp on February 9, 2018 –

How to Make Your Content Crystal-Clear & Super Scannable with These UX Tips

User Experience is a broad subject and covers all kinds of elements of a website from the interface to the way the content is laid out, each element just as important as the last. However, many website owners and designers seem to be drawn to improving the technological side of things rather than the way the content is digested by the reader. Continue reading

How to Turn Customer Pain Points Into Pleasure

by Stewart Dunlop on January 31, 2018 –

How to Turn Customer Pain Points Into Pleasure

As an entrepreneur and business owner, your main goal likely revolves around increasing sales and growing your business.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this; after all, you wouldn’t enter the business world if you weren’t intent on becoming successful, right?

Continue reading

10 of the Best Christmas Gifts for UX Designers

by Markus Pirker on December 6, 2017 –

Christmas is coming and everyone is running around looking for gifts. But how to present your freaky friend who is doing some weird User Experience design stuff? Don’t worry – just dig into our 10 Christmas gift suggestions for UX designers.

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How to Test Your eCommerce Site for Conversion

by Shawn Arora on October 30, 2017 –

There are a number of reasons why your eCommerce website may not be converting. The reasons could be as simple as your price being high or because you charge for shipping. At a more nuanced level, reasons for low conversions could include factors like your website not rendering properly on the customers’ device, or your checkout button not being placed prominently enough.
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How the Google Ventures Design Sprint Works for Your Startup

by Oscar Waterworth on September 26, 2017 –

How the Google Ventures Design Sprint works for your startup

In today’s competitive market, startup businesses that dawdle too long to get their product developed and their business launched, may not even get the chance to reach the market in the first place.
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What Programming Language Should a Startup Choose?

by Valeriya Melnikova on August 24, 2017 –


If you ever want to turn a room full of engineers into a real battlefield, just say that one programming language is better than another. Mind you, there will be profanities.
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Why Testing Designs with Users Is Still a Major Challenge for Companies

by Markus Pirker on August 9, 2017 –

Why Testing Designs with Users Is Still a Major Challenge for Companies

The good folks at UXPin have just released their annual Enterprise UX Industry Report. They surveyed over 3.000 professionals – mainly product managers.

The good news: things are slowly but steadily changing, and increasingly more people expect useful and usable business products. The bad news is that user testing remains a major challenge for companies in 2017. Continue reading

Customer Onboarding: 5 Crucial Tips for SaaS Startups

by Olga Mykhoparkina on July 7, 2017 –

We run a SaaS startup. While building Chanty business messenger we’ve learnt that a software itself doesn’t matter unless you have a well-thought-through onboarding process. If you don’t, customers will bounce right before they even get to use your product.
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This is the Relationship Between UX Design & High Conversion Rates

by Jared Carrizales on June 16, 2017 –


When landing on your site, what does a visitor want to do next? Part of your job is to predict what the consumer wants and deliver it. On average, people will stay on your website less than a minute, so you must capture their attention within the first few seconds. This is only the beginning.
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Why an obsession with demographics will hurt your user tests

by Markus Pirker on May 18, 2017 –

Why obsessing over demographics will hurt your user tests
A couple of months ago one of our blog posts mentioning our view on the (non existing) value of demographic targeting for user testing got featured on Designer News. Man, we had to face harsh criticism for that piece. But this happened already a couple of months ago, so I thought it’s time to fan the flames.
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Why online usability testing works

by Tomer Sharon on April 11, 2017 –

Why online usability testing always works

Online usability testing for Web products and mobile apps is a quick, reliable way of answering the question “Can people use the product?” Compared to traditional, in-person usability testing, conducting online usability testing has several advantages:
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10 Ways To Make Your Lead Generation Website Convert On The First Visit

by Brad Shorr on March 25, 2017 –

Why Are First Visit Conversions Key? Because: 84 Percent of Website Visitors Convert on the First Visit.

Straight North has been validating website sales leads for over two years. Based on the review of more than 300,000 true sales leads, we have learned something startling: 84 percent of website visitors convert on the first visit.
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5 Ways to Track & Optimize User Experience in Google Analytics

by Kylie Ora Lobel on February 20, 2017 –

How to evaluate User Experience with Google Analytics
In today’s environment, user experience isn’t a plus. It’s a must.

Users are expecting that your website will be easy to navigate, and take them on a logical journey. They want it to be as friendly as possible and fulfill any needs they have.
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2 Essential User Tests You Should Run Weekly On Your Ecommerce Site

by Markus Pirker on January 4, 2017 –

2 User Tests every eCommerce site should run

Last year more people than ever shopped online over the holidays.

In numbers according to the latest study, this means that nearly half (47%) of consumers shopped online this season, 33 percent of them from mobile devices. Online shopping therefore increased by 18 percent compared to 2015.

Knowing this numbers now – it’s really vital for your business that your customers are able to use your eCommerce site without struggles.
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How to prioritize usability issues

by Markus Pirker on November 1, 2016 –

How to prioritize usability issues with severity rating

A typical usability test may return over 100 usability issues. How can you prioritize these issues so that the development team knows which are the most serious ones?

Below I describe three different ways to ensure that you find and fix those issues with the biggest impact on the experience of your users.
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6 Psychological Phenomena Website Marketers Need to Know

by Markus Pirker on July 14, 2016 –

5 Psychological Phenomena Website Marketers Need to Know

Marketing and psychology have always gone hand-in-hand since the Mad Men days of the 1950s when advertising executives first began to study and utilize human psychological phenomena to their advantage.

Some may call it manipulation, others call it marketing—who’s to say what it should be called when it works. When you understand how the mind works, you can target a campaign more effectively.

Here are just a few of the psychological phenomena used by political strategists and marketers to sell a product, person, or brand.

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16 Killer Videos on Product Management Essentials

by Stefan Rössler on June 9, 2016 –

Are you thinking of beginning a career in Product Management? Or just want to expand your knowledge on the subject?

Then these hand picked videos and talks will be a great beginners guide to Product Management, helping you learn what it takes to be a great PM and gain more understanding of the role.

Take a look, get inspired!

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How to Grow From Exposure to User Feedback in 3 Simple Steps

by Markus Pirker on February 5, 2016 –

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5 Essential Usability Tips to Get Your Website Ready for 2016

by Markus Pirker on December 23, 2015 –

Boom! Another year is over.

What did you do in 2015 to make your website more user-friendly?

Not enough? Don’t worry!

Here are five main tasks to start off with in 2016.

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How To Find Out What Users Really Experience

by Stefan Rössler on December 9, 2015 –

Muppet Show's Statler and Waldorf looking down from their balcony

Did you ever notice that user experience is a lot like health?

User experience designers are doctors. Developers are surgeons. Users are of course patients, and bad user experiences are like a disease.

Continue reading

11 Most Inspiring Usability and User Experience Talks

by Markus Pirker on December 4, 2015 –

The 11 Most Inspiring Usability and User Experience Talks

Let these 11 inspiring talks from the smartest UX and Usability people on the planet motivate you for your upcoming user experience and user research efforts.

Listen up and let the learning begin.
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10 Best Slide Decks for Usability Optimization

by Markus Pirker on November 3, 2015 –


A complete list of the best slide decks for usability optimization, containing useful tipps for usability testing, user experience design and user research.

I’m missing your favorite? Be sure to add a comment at the bottom letting me know which one you would include.

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How to Excite Stakeholders to Start Usability Testing

by Stefan Rössler on June 11, 2015 –

How to excite people to start with usability testing

We asked our readers to tell us about their biggest challenges when it comes to usability testing.

It seems like getting buy-in from internal and external stakeholders is one of the hardest parts for many of you…

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5 Biggest Usability Fails in Movies

by Markus Pirker on June 5, 2015 –


In movies, and especially in science fiction, stuff usually works.

User interfaces in film are more exciting than they are realistic, and heroes have far too easy a time using foreign systems.

Jacob Nielsen

That’s part of the fun of science fiction movies. But unfortunately technology failure is a part of our everyday life. And once in a while creative producers add entirely new levels of complexity to technology used in movies. Enjoy the following five examples.

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5 Funny Usability Testing Videos

by Markus Pirker on May 7, 2015 –


As it turns out usability doesn’t have to be a dry subject. It has the potential to just be fun from time to time.

Below are 5 videos showing perfectly – and in a fun way – why it makes sense to integrate usability testing in your workflow.

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5 Simple Steps to DIY Usability Testing for Creators

by Stefan Rössler on April 2, 2015 –

diy-usability-testsIllustration by Juhan Sonin

Usability testing can help you dramatically improve your website or app by watching people use it.

We all know this to be true and yet so many of us don’t do a lot of testing. Let’s change this, now!

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You don’t work for a startup, you play in a band!

by Stefan Rössler on March 4, 2015 –


Product design is like songwriting.
UI/UX design is like playing guitar.

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Lorem Ipsum Has to Die

by Stefan Rössler on March 2, 2015 –


Designers around the whole world know and use Lorem Ipsum or whatever type of text as placeholder.

The portfolios of some colleagues are full of commissioned works showing only placeholder texts instead of real information.

Some people may think that this is of no importance but I am actually absolutely unable to understand this…

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Why We Speak of “Paying” Attention

by Stefan Rössler on February 12, 2015 –

paying for attention

Money is an invention. Attention is real, it’s limited, and it’s valuable.

Your attention is probably the most important resource in this world.

That’s why we speak of paying attention. But how do you pay your attention? What do you trade it for?

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Why Designers Should Do Usability Tests

by Stefan Rössler on February 11, 2015 –

designers doing usability tests

We did a lot of usability tests in the past – for our own designs as well as for web sites and software designed by other people.

Just lately during one of these tests for some digital product, I made a profound discovery: UI designers should do their own usability tests.

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3 Things Poor Interfaces and Zombies Have in Common

by Markus Pirker on February 1, 2015 –

poor user interface

1. They don’t respond to any external stimuli

According to the Zombie Apocalypse wiki this is especially true for zombie type 0, which although undead, fortunately only represents a moderate risk. Zombie type 0 does not react to any external stimuli whatsoever, neither to light nor to any kind of sound.

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How to Have Successful Conversations With Your Visitors

by Stefan Rössler on January 8, 2015 –

successful website conversations

Visiting a website is not the same thing as riding a roller coaster.

Most people don’t come to your site to experience the joy of using it. They come for the content.

They come to have a conversation with you.

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Why You Should Watch First Time Users

by Stefan Rössler on January 2, 2015 –

There’s real value in watching people using your website for the first time. Be sure to observe unexpected behavior and instantly see what works, and what needs to be improved.

Why you should watch first time users
How IT people see users, using their app for the first time (Source: The Hipper Element)

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Embrace Failure – or How to Get Over Your First Usability Test

by Markus Pirker on December 23, 2014 –

user testing failure

I remember one of our first usability projects.

We were asked by a big Austrian technology company to evaluate the usability of their hardware product. We ran a usability session with a couple of participants, and the technology company kind of freaked out when we showed them videos of real people struggling with their product in various ways.

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How to Determine the True Value of Every Design Job

by Stefan Rössler on December 16, 2014 –

This post is for people who find themselves in one of the following situations:

  • You take on design jobs for clients on a regular basis
  • You just got a job opportunity to design for a startup

Chances are, you’re afraid of making a wrong decision now. Maybe you make a bad call, and either end up working for a client who doesn’t value your work, or you invest your energy in working for a startup, that doesn’t even exist in 12 months from now.

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3 Reasons Why Usability Testing Isn’t Part of Your Workflow

by Stefan Rössler on November 27, 2014 –

We believe the Web is about people.

And that usability testing is the perfect way to understand these people and to improve your website based on their goals and needs, their feedback.

While that’s great, usability testing is not part of most designers’ or developers’ workflows.

Let me give you 3 quick reasons why that’s the case and how you can change this for maximum gain & growth.

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Why Userbrain is Different From Other Usability Testing Services

by Stefan Rössler on November 17, 2014 –

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.”– The Rolling Stones

People ask us about the difference between Userbrain and all the other usability testing services out there.

The answer is simple:

Userbrain helps you get what you need, instead of just giving you what you want.

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