A Designer’s Go-To Guide for Usability Testing

by Markus Pirker on June 13, 2018 –

When it comes to design and usability testing, one thing is certain  – you can’t master one without the other.

When we at Userbrain talk to people, everyone seems to agree that testing is important. But have they ever actually carried out a usability study? Nope.

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The 10 Best Customer Feedback Tools For Your Website

by Markus Pirker on July 6, 2016 –

The Best Tools to Collect Customer Feedback on Your Website

If you had a real store it would be easy for you to chat with your customers about their experience.

It’s often not that easy to gather feedback from angry, frustrated or disappointed customers on your website because an alternative offer is just a quick click away. They just leave without telling you why.

You need to find processes to capture feedback from your visitors at the right time and right place.

Here you’ll find a collection of the 10 best tools to help you gathering customer feedback on your website.

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47 Product Management Videos That Are Worth Your Time

by Stefan Rössler on June 30, 2016 –

47 Product Management Videos That Are Worth Your Time

Do you wish you had time to gather all the quality videos on Product Management so you can learn more?

Well your wish came true. These videos are collected from all around the web, in a hunting spree that lasted for over 30 hours! (Good thing you never got around to doing it 🙂 )

Now the best talks from various conferences and events are all in one place, ready for the taking.

Take your pick, dive in, learn, improve, NAIL THAT PRODUCT!

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Top 45 Product Management SlideShare Presentations

by Stefan Rössler on June 16, 2016 –


Today products are much more complicated and Product Management is a dedicated role that requires your fullest attention and involvement, and loads of internal communication.

Our team is always looking for advice and knowledge to pick up from those with more experience, and on that hunt we started from the basics – the videos on Product Management Essentials.

So take a look at what we’ve hunted down, contribute if you have something (don’t be shy), and join us next week to see what else we find and add to our Product Management bookmarks.

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137 FREE ebooks on User Experience, Usability, User Interface Design and more

by Stefan Rössler on February 11, 2016 –

Free User Experience, Usability and User Interface Design eBooks

Human behavior is amazing. That’s probably why it’s so easy to fall in love with user-centered design. It’s a broad subject that is based on human-computer interaction, psychological triggers, behavioral patterns, and then spits out user interface design, user experience design, web design and more.

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