6 Great Tricks to Integrate SEO with UX Successfully

by Serena Dorf on December 5, 2018 –

Search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UX) are both well-known concepts in digital marketing, but most people perceive them as totally independent and unrelated to each other.

The former is extremely important because 93% of all traffic comes from a search engine, while 60% of clicks go to the top three websites in Google results. On the other side, UX also plays a major role since almost 40% of users stop engaging if they find the content or layout of a website shabby and tatty.

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Five Mistakes To Avoid With Your SaaS Product

by Joel Syder on November 21, 2018 –

In an over-saturated market, building your Saas product is an art form. Getting the product right can be challenging enough but with any online product there comes pitfalls and mistakes are easily made. These issues can, not only stall growth, but also completely crush your SaaS product before it even has the chance to take off.

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The 25 Best Free eBooks for Digital Product Managers

by Arne on November 7, 2018 –

Digital product managers are responsible for overseeing the entire life-cycle of a product. The role has multiple functions from strategic to tactical and also provides cross-functional management in engineering, marketing, sales, and support teams. For that reason, product managers are considered to be the glue that binds the many aspects of digital products.

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6 Ways Product Managers can apply Design Thinking

by Tom Jager on August 29, 2018 –

Design Thinking for Product Managers

As a product manager, you need to deeply understand problems, issues, needs and wants of current and potential customers. The design thinking method can help you making the right, data-backed decisions during product development. Learn more about the design thinking approach to product management in this post.

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Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid – What Development Method Should I Choose?

by James Scott on May 30, 2018 –

Software Development with Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid?

When it comes to software development, one thing you’ve got to have is a set method of development. Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid?

Which one you choose depends on a lot of things. The context of your project, your developer’s skill set and of course the project leader’s ability to make the right decision.

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What Programming Language Should a Startup Choose?

by Valeriya Melnikova on August 24, 2017 –


If you ever want to turn a room full of engineers into a real battlefield, just say that one programming language is better than another. Mind you, there will be profanities.
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4 Big Questions Your Wary Web Users Want to Ask Your Brand

by Patrick Foster on February 3, 2017 –

4 Big Questions Your Wary Web Users Want to Ask Your Brand
Web users are constantly being pulled in all directions. You need to make sure that your site is answering all their burning questions and engaging with them on multiple levels. You’ll need to engage their hearts and their minds before you get anywhere close to their purses.

Here are some key things that users will want to ask from you – make sure that you’re offering them a well-rounded experience that goes beyond usability to brand advocacy and loyalty.
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Lessons learned from having a booth at a conference with over 53,000 attendees

by Markus Pirker on November 20, 2016 –

Userbrain at WebSummit 2016 in Lisbon
Doors opened and people started pouring into Hall 2. Just a few minutes later our booth was crowded and we had to answer many questions about our product.

We were attending WebSummit in Lisbon as an Alpha Startup. A conference with over 53.000 attendees. And this is what we learned…
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How to prioritize usability issues

by Markus Pirker on November 1, 2016 –

How to prioritize usability issues with severity rating

A typical usability test may return over 100 usability issues. How can you prioritize these issues so that the development team knows which are the most serious ones?

Below I describe three different ways to ensure that you find and fix those issues with the biggest impact on the experience of your users.
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6 Psychological Phenomena Website Marketers Need to Know

by Markus Pirker on July 14, 2016 –

5 Psychological Phenomena Website Marketers Need to Know

Marketing and psychology have always gone hand-in-hand since the Mad Men days of the 1950s when advertising executives first began to study and utilize human psychological phenomena to their advantage.

Some may call it manipulation, others call it marketing—who’s to say what it should be called when it works. When you understand how the mind works, you can target a campaign more effectively.

Here are just a few of the psychological phenomena used by political strategists and marketers to sell a product, person, or brand.

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Philipp, Lead Designer of Firefox, Talks Usability & Empathy

by Markus Pirker on March 3, 2016 –

Philipp, lead designer of Firefox talks usability and empathy

A few weeks ago we met Philipp Sackl, the lead designer of Firefox at Mozilla, at the UX Day in Graz where he gave an inspiring talk about empathy and design.

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How to Grow From Exposure to User Feedback in 3 Simple Steps

by Markus Pirker on February 5, 2016 –

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How to Improve Website Conversion by Optimizing for Repeat Business

by Andrew Kucheriavy on January 12, 2016 –

How to Improve Website Conversions by Optimizing for Repeat Business

Top-performing websites are effective in generating sales, but are they just as effective in retaining customers and generating residual income?

The question you should ask yourself is: What happens after I close this sale? Is that it? Will I ever see this customer again, or is this a once-only sale?

If your website isn’t designed to encourage repeat business, there are several strategies you can implement to turn things around.
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Usability Case Study: How TawiPay Solves a Problem for 200 Million Migrants

by Markus Pirker on December 18, 2015 –

If you’ve already had to send money to a foreign country, you’ll know it’s neither cheap nor easy.

Realizing that globally such fund transfers represent over 500 billions of dollars annually Pascal Briod was frustrated with the amount of money people lose on transfer fees. So he co-founded TawiPay,as an easy-to-use alternative for international money transfers.

We spoke with Pascal about the problem he’s been solving for 200 million migrants, feedback from frustrated customers as a way of validating product-market-fit, and the challenge of integrating user tests into the working process.

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How to Excite Stakeholders to Start Usability Testing

by Stefan Rössler on June 11, 2015 –

How to excite people to start with usability testing

We asked our readers to tell us about their biggest challenges when it comes to usability testing.

It seems like getting buy-in from internal and external stakeholders is one of the hardest parts for many of you…

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How to Integrate Continuous Micro Feedback Into Your Business

by Markus Pirker on April 9, 2015 –


I once read a story about a great lecturer. After delivering his presentation he had the habit of asking everyone he had the chance to talk t what his interlocutor had absolutely disliked about his talk.

If people hesitated, he told them that he only had been invited as a speaker today because of his listening to and acting on every single negative feedback he received.

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