UX Book & User Test Giveaway Worth Over $600

by Markus Pirker on December 14, 2018 –

With the holidays fast approaching, we have taken the time to sit down and rewind the past year. That’s why we have decided to surprise you and hold a big giveaway. 10 of you would have the chance to win 3 Userbrain test credits worth $20,– each and 5 will win a paper copy of Steve Krug’s Don’t make me think book.
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How to Better Understand Your Website Users’ Behavior

by Stefan Rössler on January 24, 2015 –

How to better understand your website users' behavior

Your website (app, etc.) doesn’t have a user experience, your users do.

That’s why you have to understand your user’s behavior and find out why they do what they do on your site.

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Design The User Not The Experience

by Stefan Rössler on January 17, 2015 –

design the user not the UX

Help people become better versions of themselves. That’s in a nutshell what I believe to be the secret of any great design.

It’s not about the user interface or the user experience or anything like this – it’s all about the user.

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Embrace Failure – or How to Get Over Your First Usability Test

by Markus Pirker on December 23, 2014 –

user testing failure

I remember one of our first usability projects.

We were asked by a big Austrian technology company to evaluate the usability of their hardware product. We ran a usability session with a couple of participants, and the technology company kind of freaked out when we showed them videos of real people struggling with their product in various ways.

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3 Reasons Why Usability Testing Isn’t Part of Your Workflow

by Stefan Rössler on November 27, 2014 –

We believe the Web is about people.

And that usability testing is the perfect way to understand these people and to improve your website based on their goals and needs, their feedback.

While that’s great, usability testing is not part of most designers’ or developers’ workflows.

Let me give you 3 quick reasons why that’s the case and how you can change this for maximum gain & growth.

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