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5 Funny Usability Testing Videos

by Markus Pirker on May 7, 2015 –


As it turns out usability doesn’t have to be a dry subject. It has the potential to just be fun from time to time.

Below are 5 videos showing perfectly – and in a fun way – why it makes sense to integrate usability testing in your workflow.

I’m missing your favorite? Be sure to add a comment at the bottom letting me know which one you would include.

Usability Testing of Fruit

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you did a usability test on fruit? No? Blink Interactive did.

The Intelligent Voice Activated Elevator

What would you do if you were trapped in an “Intelevator“ an Intelligent voice-activated elevator?

Online Checkout in Real Life

Ever heard a cashier saying „I’m sorry you’ve timed out!“? No?

Then you should definitely watch this clip by Google and see yourself how a bad online shopping experience would look like in real life.

Windows 8: Operating Under the Influence

How to make usability interesting more fun? Easy one. Just add tequila shots 😀

Going to the movies never was so difficult

Comedian Michael McIntyre turns his attention at the challenges of navigating the web.

Hilariously funny!


P.S. If you ever asked yourself which 3 things poor interfaces and zombies have in common read on. 🙂

About the Author: Markus Pirker is Co-Founder of Userbrain. You can find him on Twitter at @gabelfisch.

One response to “5 Funny Usability Testing Videos”

  1. Aamir Raza says:

    all videos are very interesting regarding usability test.

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