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Published July 14, 2015 by Markus Pirker
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Userbrain's Usability Services compared to's

Looking for an alternative to UserTesting? Think UserTesting’s service is expensive and complex? We do too. That’s why we created Userbrain.

Userbrain is a dead simple and automated user testing service for startups and busy product teams.

Below, you’ll find information to help you compare Userbrain and, including features, pricing, and thoughts from current Userbrain customers who have made the switch.

Automating testing and making it a habit!

The biggest difference to other user testing services is that Userbrain is not about testing on demand, but was designed for making usability testing a habit and integrating it into your workflow.

This reflects on the structure of our pricing as well – you don’t purchase single tests, you purchase a full month of user exposure.

Why? Because as a startup and a busy product team ourselves, we realized what our peers actually need – integrating continuous user feedback into your agile workflow.

“The concept of recurring user testing is compelling because it automates the process and forces makers to continually get in-depth usability feedback.”— Ryan Hoover, Producthunt

“Automation is the key word there! My team is in build-mode at the moment to solve this problem space for mobile. Today’s solutions either require expensive UX researchers or non-adequate tool sets.” — Narek Khachatryan, Product Designer at SaneBox

Userbrain is really based on long-term thinking and that enables you to completely change the way you go about usability testing, integrate it into your workflow for maximum efficiency, and transform it into a habit-forming activity.

“Distribute your budget for user testing across many small tests instead of blowing everything on a single, elaborate study.”— Jakob Nielsen in his famous article Why You Only Need to Test with 5 Users

By making user feedback a regular part of your week, everybody on your team stays focused on customers’ needs and develops a user-centered design approach.

It’s all about simplicity and efficiency

Integrating anything into your workflow AND making it as efficient as possible is often not easy. But we planned for that, and so we created Userbrain as an automated subscription service where all you need to do is:

  • Provide a URL of what you want to test. (websites, competitor sites or prototypes)
  • Set up your task scenario and start testing.
  • Sit back and wait for finished test videos.

We handle recruiting, recording, and after quality control we deliver your test videos. Every week, every month.

“Getting proper participants for usability testing takes time. Userbrain literally takes all the headache out of that. The participants are relevant, knowledgeable, and offer enough feedback to extract new insights every week.” — Narek Khachatryan, Product Designer at SaneBox

Companies who already test their websites with Userbrain:


Clients testing their websites with Userbrain

Unlimited Storage and unlimited sharing

What’s the use of insight when you can’t access it?

We believe that putting artificial barriers in front of the most valuable insights doesn’t benefit anyone.

That’s why we offer unlimited storage for all your usability videos – even after you’ve canceled your account!

You are free to download and share your test videos with anyone, no limitations here.

We encourage you to share your usability videos with the whole team because a team of people will always obtain more insight than a single person can.

Userbrain starts at just $14 per test

We think that user feedback should be easy to obtain, continuous and affordable.

We’ve compared a scenario where you continuously test your site once a month, once a week or 3 times a week.

1 test/month 4 tests/month 12 test/month
Userbrain $14 $56 $168 $49 ¹ $196 ¹ $688 ²
Annual savings $240 $1764 $6588

¹ First 10 tests cost 49$
² only first month, the second month costs 1188$

So you can save up to 6500$ a year compared to testing with

Ready to give Userbrain a try?

Making the switch from is easy – just copy your existing task from UserTesting’s dashboard to our site. This takes no more than a few minutes and we’ll provide you with a continuous stream of user feedback.

Give Userbrain a try: We’d love to see you making usability testing a habit with Userbrain.

Still have questions? Just drop us a line at, we’re always happy to talk 🙂

Userbrain - Testing early and often finally becomes reality