User Testing for Axure Prototypes

Want to test an Axure prototype on potential users? Userbrain is your go-to remote user testing tool and is perfectly compatible with Axure.

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Testing your Axure prototype on real people is easy!

  1. Create a test
    Create a new test in the Userbrain dashboard and add your public Axure prototype link
  2. Set tasks
    Set a list of tasks to be carried out by the tester or choose one of our predefined templates
  3. Get testers
    We'll recruit people from our 35k+ pool of testers to test your Axure prototype or you can invite some from your own user base
  4. Watch videos
    Watch videos of people interacting with your Axure prototype while thinking aloud
Usability testing with Userbrain


  • Get access to a pool of over 35k+ testers
  • Choose your testers’ demographics
  • Invite your own user base to test
  • Watch 5–15-minute videos of testers unbiased experiences
  • Hear what users think and understand the why behind their clicks
  • Add multiple tasks & questions and test various Axure prototype flows
A pool of usability testers from around the world

3 reasons why you should perform user tests on Axure prototypes:

  1. Cost reductions:Avoid costly mistakes - by testing your Axure prototype early you'll save time and money
  2. Outside perspective: Avoid operational blindness and get unbiased feedback from people outside your own four walls
  3. Fail fast: Reiterate through different versions of your prototype and continuously improve your design..
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Neep Help?

We have a dedicated section on how to test your Axure prototypes in our knowledge base here - check it out.

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