Watch some example videos and see what you'll get with Userbrain

Site: Charity: Water

User task: What is your first impression of this site? What do you think it’s all about? What other possibilities besides making a donation do you have to support this website? Would you use any of these possibilities? Please explain why you would (or would not) do anything on this website.

Site: User Onboarding

User task: What’s your first impression of this site? What do you think it’s all about? Please speak your thoughts while you’re exploring it for a few minutes. Now imagine you have a website where users can sign up for your service. How valuable do you think the offers on would be in that case? Would you pay for any of them?

Site: Swift Shopper

User task: What's your first impression of this site? What do you think it's all about? Please speak your thought while you're exploring it for a few minutes. Now image you need to do your weekly shopping trip. How could you benefit from Swift Shopper? Would you give it a try?

Site: Cotton & Color

User task: Imagine you want to sew a patchwork blanket for one of your friends. Try to find two fabrics that you think this friend would like, and put 3.5 meters of each into your shopping cart.

Find out what people think, not just what they do on your website

  1. Setup a custom task for users

    Write your own task and tell people what to do on your website. Let them start directly on your homepage or send them to specific parts of your website.

  2. Watch people using your website

    Userbrain testers record their screens and voices, while they are using your website. You'll know exactly what they think, and why they do what they are doing.

  3. Revise and improve your site

    Keep getting new videos of these people using your website. These videos keep you in the feedback loop and let you improve your website on a regular basis.

Ready to make user testing a habit?

Userbrain is the easiest & most affordable way to do it.

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