Features included in all plans

  • First time users continuously testing your site
  • Test your site on desktop, tablets and smartphones
  • No recruiting necessary – we provide and compensate the testers
  • 5–15 minute long screen recordings with audio commentary
  • Use our predefined tasks, make changes or write your own
  • Test any URL you want (websites, competitor sites, prototypes, …)
  • Update your tasks and change the URL anytime
  • Watch and download your videos anytime
  • Easily share your videos with your team
  • Save time and automate your user testing
  • Get additional videos whenever you need them for $20/video
Continuous feedback

Short and easy to digest videos

A typical video is between 5 and 15 minutes long and you can download it or use a link to share it with your team. It's perfect for your coffee break!

Continuous feedback

Test on mobile and desktop devices

Our testers record their sessions on PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone. You’ll see your site being used on multiple devices under various conditions. Mobile tests are included at no extra cost.

Our Testers

We deliver new first time users every week.
You don’t need to worry about recruiting or payment.



If you have a website, anyone on the internet should be able to use it. That’s why we have testers all around the world.



All testers have to pass an application process and are continually reviewed and instructed on how to test.

Real environments

Real environments

Our testers use your site on their own devices – the same they use every day. They can even start a new test right in their browser.

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